Who would benefit from Stargazer Luxury Property management and Lifestyle Concierge Services?

Our clients typically have a multi-residence lifestyle with a property in Victoria B.C. and the surrounding areas. They can take comfort in knowing that their home is maintained to the highest standard. While away, the requirements of their insurance policy are met with our scheduled and documented home checks.  Additionally, they can hire us for a variety of Lifestyle Concierge Services to ensure the home is prepped to their specifications and is closed after their departure.

What does Lifestyle Services mean?

We offer you the client, time-saving solutions. Allowing you, greater freedom to pursue your multi-residence lifestyle. We prepare your luxury residence for your arrival and close it when you depart. We take care of all the details that matter to your lifestyle, so you don’t have to think about them.   Imagine arriving to your property with your vehicle clean and full of gas, your home cleaned high standard, an ideal temperature and fresh scent, and all your favourite items in the fridge.  When you are ready to depart, simply lock the door and we come in and take care of the rest.

What is Home Watch Service and why do I need one?

The question is, how can you not have one? So many things can happen to your home in your absence: break-ins, water leaks, electrical problems, insects, mold, and storms, to name a few. Even if you have trusted neighbors or relatives nearby, having a professional acting on your behalf is a much better and more effective option.  A Home Watch service provides you with 24/7 peace of mind whenever you are away from your home. It does this by sending a professional to inspect your home to search for any possible problems or issues. If a situation does arise, the Home Watch service will then notify you immediately and present you solutions to help deal with it as cost-effective and efficiently as possible.

I need a Home Watch service to meet my insurance policy’s requirements, how does this work?

Based on your individual policy, we schedule routine checks of your property.  Our GPS tracked software proves we were at the property when the report is made. The reports are then uploaded to your client portal and stored with our communication and relevant photos.

What is home maintenance management service?

Home maintenance management service manages services and repairs on your behalf, retaining the value of your premiere asset and reducing your distractions and obligations while here or away.

What about confidentiality?

We are committed to having the highest level of confidentiality available.  Our client forms and contract include a confidentiality clause so our clients can rest assured that the details of the homes and lives of our clients remain completely confidential.  In fact, we do not reveal to anyone outside of the company who our clients are.

If you are a private home owner, look no further than Stargazer Luxury Home Watch to manage your property.

What if a situation occurs in my home?

Our professional experience and judgment will allow any situation to be responded to and dealt with in a calculated manner. If the situation is an emergency, it will be handled in the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective way. In a non-emergency, you will be contacted to discuss and implement a course of action.

What type of items can I ask you to shop for?

The answer is almost anything!  We provide online research, quotes and recommendations for larger purchases such as furniture, a wine fridge, a cappuccino machine or a hot tub!  Common purchases are luxury linens and towels and professional cosmetics which add style and design continuity to any space.  We have wine portfolios on hand of exclusive selection of wine that you will not find in store and can organize and unpack it straight into your home.  Modern plants arrangements and fresh flowers are also something we can set up and maintain in your home. When it comes to food, we specialize in sourcing quality local ingredients from Victoria’s best small producers with the highest quality fare.  Client profiles are complementary and every detail is recorded to ensure the shopping is tailored to your specific preferences.

What is an anticipate needs item?

You decide what you never want to run out of and you never will.  Simply fill out a client form detailing the items you wish to always have on hand and you never need to worry about running out again.  From sanitary items to your favourite cosmetics, your life just got easier.

I’m new to Victoria, can you recommend restaurants and venues?

Yes, once the desired place is described we are very familiar with the dining and entertainment scene in Victoria and will provide you with a list of top choices.

I require bookings and errand running, can you help?

Yes, our services include errand running, parcel pick up, travel and accommodation bookings, ticket purchasing and airport transport co-ordination.

I require purchases to be made on my behalf, how does this work?

Any purchases made on behalf of the client must be paid for in advance. Special arrangements may be available for small purchases; please inquire. For regular services, such as dry cleaning and grocery shopping, it is recommended that a prepaid Visa card be set up. You will be responsible for the actual cost of any third-party suppliers retained on your behalf.  Direct billing to you will be established wherever possible.

Do you look after the exteriors of the property?

Yes, our home packages include maintaining the outdoor areas including light gardening, cleaning furniture, barbecues, outdoor fireplaces and heaters, hot tubs and skylights.  After a rainfall, we wipe everything down ensuring you can enjoy the outdoor areas as much as possible.

What if someone is injured working in my home?

All employees of Stargazer Luxury Home Watch & Lifestyle Services are fully insured in the unlikely event they are injured on your property.

We are moving/relocating can you help?

Yes, we can pack and unpack your household and personal effects.

We would like to throw a party, can you help?

We are highly experienced and capable event planners. We work with several amazing catering companies and can provide you with options for menus to suit the specific event.  We can buy and set up the decorations and supplies, send out invitations, set up and pack up the event and arrange the serving staff.

Can you organize seasonal tasks?

Yes, we will review the seasonal tasks during your client consultation and you can decide which tasks you would like taken care of and how frequently. Some of these tasks include window cleaning, hot tub/pool maintenance, hot water tank drained, servicing of fire place, furnace and filters, check smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.  Please note that we do not perform these tasks personally; we work with trusted professionals and businesses and closely monitor the work.

Take your time, let us take care of the rest.