At Stargazer, we believe the good life is an easy life. And for the multi-residence lifestyle, the benefits of our luxury property services are immediate and undeniable. 

Stargazer boasts an impressively curated menu of services perfect for ordering a la carte. We work to tailor service packages to fit rental properties, second home retreats and everything in between. And that hyper-personalized, concierge-style service you’ve rightly come to expect on arrival? Our exclusive local intel has you covered on what you didn’t even know you wanted from this fair city.



More space for what matters in your universe.

Outsource the things that create stress in your life to increase your wellbeing.

Take your time, and let us take care of the rest. Stargazer is a full-scale lifestyle services concierge for individuals and families. Our fully customizable packages allow you to free up valuable energy for the meaningful things in your life.


Our Professional Shopping Services maximize your time to enjoy the finer things in life.  We can provide quotes on specialty items and source hard to find products.   If desired, your preferred and routine items are recorded and kept in stock. Personal and spontaneous requests are dealt with professionally in a prompt and accurate manner.